Sunday, August 17, 2014

Purpose of Blog

For those of you who know me, you know that outside of my professional passions in plastic surgery, my personal passion that I care to share is wildlife photography.  I have been to the east African country of Tanzania twice before and the experience has been life changing.

A short time ago, I experienced a prolonged, and unrelenting longing, to return, likely for the last time to my beloved Africa.  This time, I want to go to a different country on "The Dark Continent", South Africa.  It seems that I have been afflicted with what I call "Africitis", and many who go find that they too, never get Africa out of their hearts.

I will be going to South Africa in October, 2015.  The safari will be for wildlife photography purposes only.  Like my other two safaris, it will take me over a year to make arrangements for the trip.  I learned a lot from the first two trips, and I want to share the experience with all who want to join with me vicariously on this journey.

For some who read this blog, it will be exciting, while others will question why anyone would want to go to such a scary, far away place.  Others may get motivated to take the first step to follow their own wanderlust dream- I hope so.

Throughout this journey, I will be doing a lot of studying about the place, the people, and importantly, the animals.  I will discuss the selection process of this particular safari, and in time, will discuss such things as airline selection, and best time to go on safari.  I am working on going on an expedition to photograph Great White Sharks, and if this pans out, I will report on this too.

Hopefully, when I get into the bush, I can post in real time.

I will be glad to answer your questions to the best of my ability, and I invite them too, as they may lead me to explore new avenues that I did not think of.

Thank you for reading!

Here is a video of an adventure that Alex and I had on my first safari.  Alex was the cameraman so forgive the initial camerawork.  He did get the hang of it.  Nobody knows what adventure awaits around the next turn in the road in Africa!


                              Angry Charging Elephants Vs. the Kasdens!


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